Get involved

If you’d like to become involved in other ways, volunteering your time and skills is a great way to help out!

Become a Host

Hosting a neighborhood event has shown to be the most successful avenue in our fundraising efforts:

  • We bring the presenters and presentation to your community
  • Provides a comfortable space to ask questions
  • Promotes conversations about the campaign


Volunteering your time and skills is a great way to become involved! Here are some examples:

  • Help out at the farmer’s market booth
  • Provide support at public events
  • Local business outreach
  • Helping with administrative tasks


Help spread the word!

  • Follow us on Facebook & Instagram & engage in social posts
  • Spread awareness by talking to neighbors & friends about the campaign
  • Stay up-to-date with the campaign progress by signing up to our monthly e-newsletter here